2011 Design Trends: Our Experts Chime In

2011 Design Trends: Our Experts Chime In

Posted in Design on December 3, 2010

With 2011 just around the corner, we thought we might get our in house designers to provide some thoughts on kitchen design trends you can expect to see in 2011.

Sameer Kanji

  • Home builders will be adding value to the rooms in which we spend the most time. Kitchen cabinets will be taller and equipped with more sophisticated hardware and accessories. The result: more storage!
  • Accessories! We see this more and more every year: built-in accessories to maximize storage and functionality in the kitchen.
  • Changing of the guard! Younger generations are raving for materials and styles that can be mixed as desired. It is no longer faux pas to have two different wood species in the same room. Be ready to see more two-tone combinations set the island or stacked cabinets apart from the rest of the kitchen.
  • As always, symmetry and clean-lined simplicity will be the formula for a great looking kitchen. We will notice more slab or bold square framed doors to achieve the 'European look'.
  • Entertaining! The kitchen is always the gathering and entertainment room for any home party. This means more sleek island designs with more seating room to sit back and enjoy. The kitchen cabinets become a feature with fancy glass doors to display collectibles and wine.
  • Green or recycled materials are becoming more popular. Natural materials such as woods, bamboo, and metals to improve the atmosphere at home. Metal doors are exceptional for accenting or face-lifting a kitchen.
  • Simple, black or white. One or a combination of these cabinets are going to be more popular because it gives the home owner freedom to choose accent pieces and paint colours without having to worry about clashing.

Joe Colonna

The new trends in kitchen cabinets for the year 2011 will be combining different materials. The addition of aluminum doors, for example, can transform an ordinary kitchen into one that is modern and fresh. Adding a second color to the island will give your kitchen a focal point without being over the top. Finally, I believe that 2011 will be the year of the accessory: adding a couple of touches will give your kitchen a fresh, designer look.

Mike Bird

  • Echo Wood doors should become a lot more popular as consumers become more aware of the product line. Not only is the look of the wood spectacular but it is also considered a green product and many consumers are looking for an eco friendly option. The other plus to Echo is how really affordable it is at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets.
  • Soft close drawers will become almost a given on every kitchen. Although it is a bit of a step up in price most homeowners feel that it is a feature that has a great benefit to them and the cost divided over the life of the kitchen makes it very affordable.
  • High gloss finishes I think will become more popular.
  • The use of aluminum doors with glass inserts will increase to highlight cabinets rather than a wood door with glass.
  • Accessories like knife blocks and rollout bins will be widely used in most kitchens as consumers try to make the most efficient use of space.
  • Homeowners are thinking more about "resale" and therefore are putting more upgrades into their kitchens not only for the convenience now but to aid in the sale of the home in the future.
  • Soffiting to the ceiling will become more popular. Homeowners will go for this option to avoid the dust that collects above the cabinets and is very hard to clean. 

Candace Hunt

  • High gloss materials and textured, horizontal-grain laminates.
  • Products and furniture made from green or recycled materials.
  • Sustainability and eco-thinking - water and energy-efficient devices.
  • Fewer overhead cabinets. The move towards flip-up doors, self closing drawers, glass front cabinets, and open shelving.
  • Streamline by organizing and decluttering homes – kitchen cabinet organizers.
  • Sleek and minimalist. Free-standing accent pieces but mostly fully-integrated designs that blend with cabinets. Fridges with more crisper space, less freezer space; combination gas/electric ranges; designer range hoods; super-quiet dishwashers; specialty sink faucets; luxury items such as warmer drawers for coffee mugs.
  • Most furniture is hidden away from view, such as under counter fridges and freezers, dishwashers in drawers and other appliances that look just like regular furniture.

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