2011 Design Trends: Richard Bukarewicz, Cardel Homes

2011 Design Trends: Richard Bukarewicz, Cardel Homes

Posted in Design on December 9, 2010

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some incredible corporate designers here at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets. Richard Bukarewicz at Cardel Homes stands out among them as someone with a clear sense of what people are looking for in a home, and a wondrous ability to create incredibly appealing spaces that consumers can replicate in their own Cardel Home. Richard has been kind enough to give us some of his time to provide his thoughts on kitchen design trends in 2011 for our blog.

Richard Bukarewicz, VP of Architecture and Design, Corporate Cardel (Cardel Homes)

In the past, kitchens were just places to cook and store appliances. Today, and for the past number of years, they have become the one area in which you showcase your home; an area you and your guests will spend time in and focus on visually. Open concept designs that link the kitchen to the great room and nook allow the kitchen to flow into one large space where your family and friends will congregate. Just think of the parties you have been to and how often people are just hanging around the island chatting and enjoying the home.

The kitchen will remain an important area for showing off your home. Renovating a kitchen 5 years later can get costly versus other renovations like replacing carpet with hardwood, so to me making the kitchen the way you want it now is the way to go.

However, getting good value will also be important in 2011: getting that kitchen you see in a designer magazine scaled to fit your home and budget.

I think that the open kitchen concept will remain popular but with some privacy from the front entry door being designed in.

Looking at some designs I am working on or have worked on, we have gotten into deleting corner pantries and tried to replace them with either squared off walk-ins or walk through pantries, or added full depth built-in cabinet pantries. I think we still see us adding full depth cabinet pantries to our show homes as they are a great way to hide appliances (instead of leaving them on the counter) and to show off more of the cabinet finish, but a large functional island is a must in these kitchens so that the workspace is maintained.

One level islands will continue to be more popular than raised ledges in 2011 as they make the kitchen feel larger and give homeowners a larger work area.

Functional spaces will also be important in 2011. Instead of a smaller telephone desk, I try to increase the size and shape of the counter and cabinetry to create a tech space where one can utilize a computer for themselves or their kids. On some of the larger homes, I try to incorporate more functional spaces within the kitchen itself, such as the larger tech space so you can be in the kitchen and assist your kids as they do homework or play on the computer.

I think people love the idea of nice appliances and even “what’s hot” items like a steam drawer instead of a microwave. While the cost of nicer appliances can be an issue for the average homeowner’s budget, I think we’ll still be seeing fancier appliances being put into kitchens in 2011.

Caesarstone countertops will be more popular than granite in 2011 as they give a more uniform look than natural stone. We’ll also be seeing Caesarstone on the island only, making it look like its own separate piece of furniture, with a complimentary laminate top being used for the remainder of the kitchen in homes on a tighter budget. Again, it is all about good value and making the most of budgets in the kitchen.

Finally, under cabinet valence lighting will continue to be popular as it helps to showcase the interesting tile details that are being installed in homes as well as provide more task lighting.

You can see some of Richard's great work with Cardel Homes show homes in our Facebook photo galleries: Facebook.

You can learn more about the Cardel Homes influenced by Richard's design vision on their website: Cardel Homes.

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