2014 Design Trends: Our Experts Chime In

2014 Design Trends: Our Experts Chime In

Posted in Design on December 9, 2013

With only a couple of weeks left in the year, we thought we might get our in-house design experts to provide their thoughts on what kitchen design trends you can expect to see in 2014.

Candace Hunt, Calgary

  • Lighter cabinetry (whites, off whites, grays) are going to be a key trend in 2014.
  • Pops of colour - either coloured glass or led panels - will also be a key design feature. Bright and contrasting!
  • Cabinetry will move towards natural and sustainable finishes, textures, and grains.
  • LED lighting will be used to provide work lighting, highlight features, and serve as a feature as well in faucets, countertops, and backsplashes.
  • A greater focus on maximizing the use of space: integrated appliances and storage; garbage/recycling centers; niche/built-in areas for storage and recharging stations; entertainment areas (wet bars, coffee bars, etc.); integrated dining tables off kitchen islands, and more!
  • Bringing technology into the kitchen with built-in and concealed appliances with touch screens.
  • Ornate details inspired by French Country (crown moulding details on top of simple shaker cabinetry for example).

Tom Crowell, Calgary

  • Painted cabinets
  • Man-made fibers and engineered finishes (NEXGEN, Thermofoil, etc.) for durable lighter coloured kitchens
  • Medium to lighter depth colours and 'grain infused' wood types
  • Undermount sinks with laminate counter tops (counter seal, ring in board)
  • People will be looking for grays
  • HPL laminate faces may make a comeback

Vijay Singh, Edmonton

  • White cabinets will continue their comeback.
  • Two-tone kitchens are popular now, often mixing light perimeters with dark central features but also mixing dark perimeters with a white central focus.
  • Our Charcoal stain colour will continue to be a best seller.
  • With ceiling heights increasing to 9' and 10', stacked cabinets are going to remain popular if not become more common.

Jane Ly, Calgary

  • Shaker door profiles will remain popular for their simplicity and finely crafted style.
  • Wider rail shaker profiles, like our Savannah and Malaga, will take the stage in the coming years.
  • Lighter and brighter kitchens will always be in style. Whites and off-whites are stunning and bring an elegant feel to the home.
  • Whites and finishes with grays like our Ashwood, Charcoal, and Espresso will be favourites for the coming year.
  • More focus will be placed on knobs and pulls to add interest to kitchens and bathrooms. They are the jewelry that finishes off and completes your dream kitchen and bathroom. Look for more polished chrome finishes here, because of the sparkle and sophistication they add to cabinetry.
  • Accessories that add function and beauty will still be going strong.
  • Built-in sleek and industrial looking appliances will remain popular for their dramatic effect.

Joe Colonna, Calgary

  • I think you will see a trend continuing with two-tone kitchens, mainly a dark colour for the island with a white or cream perimeter.
  • Self closing drawers are all the rage, and will continue to be.
  • Trending away from wood cabinets to thermofoil or NEXGEN doors for a durable, cost-effective, and contemporary feel.
  • Recessed light valances, which are built into the cabinets and hidden behind doors, will be popular in 2014.

Sameer Kanji, Calgary

  • White or off-white cabinets are making a comeback! With a simple shaker style door, whites create a light and simple look in the kitchen. This will allow those hand crafted accent pieces to stand out!
  • Storage inserts that are both very handy and increasingly customizable too! Drawer inserts are great for organizing cutlery, pots and pans, recycling, and garbage too.
  • Maximizing your space! Floor to ceiling cabinets are perfect to maximize storage and avoid clutter on the counters.
  • Creating an impact! With the revival of white cabinets will come the fun of adding bright colours. Painted glass or bright cabinet interiors will add some contrast.

Jim Blakely, Edmonton

  • Tall upper cabinets to the ceiling with large styles, risers, and crowns will continue to be the trend into 2014.
  • Built in appliances will remain popular.
  • Dark colours will remain popular, with two tone kitchens gaining popularity.
  • Kitchens will have an abundance of pot and pan drawers (more drawers, less doors) with soft closing drawers being popular.
  • Straight lines, flat panels, and glass doors will continue to be the trend into 2014.


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