Three New Photo Albums

Three New Photo Albums

Posted in Show Homes on November 10, 2011


We've managed to post three new home galleries on facebook without mentioning them on the blog! Time to fix that mistake:

1. York 29 show homes by Trico Homes

These great new show homes can be found in Calgary's rapidly expanding south east. Both show homes display great, space efficient contemporary kitchens. The darker is in Echo Wood Gunmetal Ebony, and the lighter is in a thermofoil colour called Dolce Vita.

You can find the gallery on our facebook page here: facebook - York 29 

More info on this fantastic new project is available at

2. Trico Homes' new Evanston show home

Here's a great example of a clean, functional, classic kitchen. Shaker doors with shaker-style countertop brackets and a shaker-style crown moulding keep the lines clean and straightforward, while the deep rich coloration (Havana on maple) creates a stylish, warm atmosphere.

You can find the gallery on our facebook page here: facebook - Trico Homes in Evanston

You can get more info on Trico Homes in Evanston here: Trico Homes - Evanston

3. Trico Homes' Manor Lane home

Rich, warm colours; a large two-level island; dining area cabinetry; and cabinet pantry combine to create a very elegant kitchen placed in the centre of an absolutely beautiful home.

The gallery can be found here on our facebook page: facebook - Trico Homes Manor Lane

While the home in these pictures is not a viewable show home, you can get more information on building a home like this (including a great kitchen from Classic Kitchens & Cabinets) at

As is the case with any of our photo galleries, our designers would be happy to help you recreate these great living spaces (personalized for you of course!) in your home in just 3 simple steps.

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