Tips for a No Hassle & Minimal Interruption Renovation

Tips for a No Hassle & Minimal Interruption Renovation

Posted in Tips & Tricks on September 20, 2013

Renovating can be a stressful process. That's why we work hard at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets to make things as simple and comfortable for you as possible.

Getting started on a renovation or new project with us is as easy as following our 3 Simple Steps.

Beyond these simple steps, there are some other things that can be done to help us provide you the best cabinetry possible, and to make things as comfortable as possible at your end.

Tips for Measuring Your Space

  • Let us know if any electrical outlets, plumbing and gas lines, windows, doors, walls, bulkheads, and so on in the space you're renovating will be moved or changed.
  • If you're changing appliances, please make sure to provide us the specifications as early in the process as possible. These details are essential for both design and installation.
  • Let us know what type of floor you are going to use in the renovated space. We need that information for some of the finer design details that are critical during installation.

Tips for Design

  • Write down any problems or issues you'd like to solve or improve on with your renovation. Our designers will work with you to try and meet all the goals set for the project.
  • Bring photos or magazine articles showing the look you're going for or details/accessories you'd like to include in your new space.
  • Don't forget those appliance specs for any new or additional appliances! 

Tips for You Are On Your Way

  • Expect a delivery time of between 4 and 6 weeks from firm order to delivery of your new cabinets. Some products are available with shorter delivery times while a high level of custom work may require a little longer to complete.
  • Make sure your old cabinets are out of the way/removed prior to the arrival of your new cabinets from Classic Kitchens & Cabinets. Our scheduling team is happy to help coordinate the timing of delivery with you.
  • Prior to the arrival of your cabinetry, make sure all electrical, plumbing, gas, and other modifications are complete, and that plumbing is capped 4-6" from the wall.
  • Make sure to remove all appliances and furniture from the room where your new cabinets are being installed. It is also useful to curtain off other areas of the house (or cover items in nearby rooms with sheets) to manage the dust that will be created during installation.
  • Our installers need an area to set up saws and other equipment. It is also important to ensure that children are kept out of the area where installation work is taking place, and to keep pets away also. For insurance and safety reasons, we ask that you allow our installers sufficient space to work and try to visit the work area no more than twice a day. That space also allows our installation teams to do the best possible job for you as they are free to concentrate on their work.
  • Please make arrangements for waste removal.

Our process has been streamlined so that you can enjoy your new home interior with no hassle and minimal interruption. These additional steps will help make the process go even more smoothly. And remember: we're always here to answer questions or help. Classic Kitchens & Cabinets goes the extra mile to ensure you get the look you desire and the quality you deserve.

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