Tips for a No Hassle & Minimal Interruption Renovation

Posted in Tips & Tricks on September 20, 2013

Renovating can be a stressful process. That's why we work hard at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets to make things as simple and comfortable for you as possible.

Getting started on a renovation or new project with us is as easy as following our 3 Simple Steps.

Beyond these simple steps, there are some other things that can be done to help us provide you the best cabinetry possible, and to make things as comfortable as possible at your end.

Tips for Measuring Your Space

  • Let us know if any electrical outlets, plumbing and gas lines, windows, doors, walls, bulkheads, and so on in the space you're renovating will be moved or changed.
  • If you're changing appliances, please make sure to provide us the specifications as early in the process as possible. These details are essential for both design and installation.
  • Let us know what type of floor you are going to use in the renovated space. We need that information for some of the finer design details that are critical during installation.

Tips for Design

  • Write down any problems or issues you'd like to solve or improve on with your renovation. Our designers will work with you to try and meet all the goals set for the project.
  • Bring photos or magazine articles showing the look you're going for or details/accessories you'd like to include in your new space.
  • Don't forget those appliance specs for any new or additional appliances! 

Tips for You Are On Your Way

  • Expect a delivery time of between 4 and 6 weeks from firm order to delivery of your new cabinets. Some products are available with shorter delivery times while a high level of custom work may require a little longer to complete.
  • Make sure your old cabinets are out of the way/removed prior to the arrival of your new cabinets from Classic Kitchens & Cabinets. Our scheduling team is happy to help coordinate the timing of delivery with you.
  • Prior to the arrival of your cabinetry, make sure all electrical, plumbing, gas, and other modifications are complete, and that plumbing is capped 4-6" from the wall.
  • Make sure to remove all appliances and furniture from the room where your new cabinets are being installed. It is also useful to curtain off other areas of the house (or cover items in nearby rooms with sheets) to manage the dust that will be created during installation.
  • Our installers need an area to set up saws and other equipment. It is also important to ensure that children are kept out of the area where installation work is taking place, and to keep pets away also. For insurance and safety reasons, we ask that you allow our installers sufficient space to work and try to visit the work area no more than twice a day. That space also allows our installation teams to do the best possible job for you as they are free to concentrate on their work.
  • Please make arrangements for waste removal.

Our process has been streamlined so that you can enjoy your new home interior with no hassle and minimal interruption. These additional steps will help make the process go even more smoothly. And remember: we're always here to answer questions or help. Classic Kitchens & Cabinets goes the extra mile to ensure you get the look you desire and the quality you deserve.

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Video: 2013 Consumer Choice Award

Posted in News & Events on September 6, 2013
See video

We're now up to twelve in a row!

Classic Kitchens & Cabinets has yet again been selected as a Consumer Choice Award winning business in Calgary. Thanks Calgary and way to go team!

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New Stain Colours!

Posted in Design on August 15, 2013

We're always working to keep up with the latest design trends here at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets. That's why we undertake a complete review of our product lineup twice a year, in addition to keeping an eye on new product launches from our suppliers (and potential new suppliers with great innovative product).

The periodic reviews are always fun, giving us the chance to really dive in to design magazines such as Architectural Digest, and industry-focused publications from coatings suppliers AkzoNobel and Valspar Wood Coatings, for inspiration.

Following our latest review, we're launching four new stain colours: two in the sought-after grey and medium tones, and two refined new darks. These are part of a larger change in our coatings package that our R&D and manufacturing teams have been working on for over a year. We'll have more on that bigger change in a future blog post.

You can see the new colours in our Design Centers in Calgary and Edmonton, or keep an eye out for them in new show homes (or in the show home galleries on our facebook page).

The new colours are:

Tradition - solvent-based hand-crafted wipe stains, with solvent-based top coats

  • Java (deep chocolate brown)
  • Bourbon (deep reddish brown)
  • Burnt Almond (medium aspen brown)

Tradition - solvent-based hand-crafted spray stains, with solvent-based top coats

  • French Grey (medium-light grey with red undertones)

These colours will make great additions to our already extensive current colour lineup:

Tradition - solvent-based hand-crafted wipe stains, with solvent-based top coats

  • Brandy (medium-light brown)
  • Cherry (medium-light cherry brown)
  • Cognac (medium brown)
  • Sheraton Mahogany (medium mahogany)
  • Walnut (medium to medium-light walnut)

Tradition - solvent-based hand-crafted spray stains, with solvent-based top coats

  • Espresso (medium to medium-dark charcoal grey)
  • Cappuccino (medium brown with gold undertones)
  • Oxford Brown (medium sandalwood brown)

AquaFinish Hybrid - water-based machine-applied stains, with solvent-based top coats

  • Ebony (black)
  • Mocha (deep red-black)
  • Coffee (medium brown with red undertones)
  • Brown Sugar (medium brown with gold and orange undertones)

AquaFinish - our exclusive full water-based finishing process

  • Midnight (deep black-brown)
  • Aged Bronze (medium golden brown)
  • Caramel (medium sandalwood brown)
  • Charcoal (medium charcoal grey)

These aren't the only new options we're launching out of the latest review. We'll have more on our new NEXGEN and Fusion colour and finish options in a future post.

The innovation at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets never stops!



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Our Cabinetry in Award Winning & Award Finalist Homes

Posted in News & Events on August 8, 2013

We're always proud to see our cabinetry featured in award winning homes, and were very excited to learn this week that the SAM Award-winning 2012 Stampede Rotary Dream Home is an award finalist at the 2013 Awards of Excellence in Housing.

At this year's SAM Awards back in April (a fantastic Awards program and event put on by the Canadian Home Builder's Association - Calgary Region) we had the pleasure of cheering for no less than 6 new home and new multi-family finalists that featured our cabinetry. And we're excited to say that, amidst some very strong competition from some incredible entries, the Dream Home was crowned an award-winner. 

Here's a full list of the finalist (and winning) homes featuring cabinets by us:

Best Town Homes: $295,000-$349,999

 - Homes by Avi Urban: The Enclave, Windsor C

 - Homes by Avi Urban: The Enclave, Warwick B

Best New Home: $270,000-$309,999

 - Homes by Avi, Whitfield in Elgin

Best New Home: $350,000-$399,999

 - Homes by Avi, Stampede Rotary Dream Home 2012

 - Trico Homes, The Cabernet in Montreux

Best New Home: $460,000-$534,999

 - Trico Homes, The Stanton in the Summit of Montreux

This fantastic award season for homes featuring our cabinetry comes on the heels of last year's great award season in which no less than 8 finalists and 1 winner at the SAM Awards featured cabinets by us.



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2013 Homes by Avi Stampede Rotary Dream Home

Posted in Show Homes on August 1, 2013

We're proud to be the cabinet supplier for yet another Calgary Stampede Rotary Dream Home.

It's a great home this year, with Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design/architecture that came about after a trip to Chicago. Our part of the home, the cabinetry, is a combination of environmentally conscious plainsawn walnut with a natural finish, and high gloss white Thermofoil.

There are several great Beyond Kitchens features in the Dream Home this year once more, including the upstairs retreat area and laundry room.

We’ve lost count of how many Stampede Rotary Dream Homes have featured our cabinets. We do know that we’ve been in just about every one since 1989. It’s a tradition and history we’re proud of because it’s our chance to not only show off our made-in-Alberta (Calgary) cabinetry, but also to give back to a community that’s given so much to us through Calgary Stampede Lotteries and the Rotary Club of Calgary South.

For more on this year’s Dream Home, visit the Homes by Avi website at: 2013 Stampede Rotary Dream Home.

For more on the winning family (newcomers to Calgary!) who get to enjoy a fantastic new home in Chapparal Valley have a look here: Calgary Sun – Dream Come True and Calgary Herald – Newcomer wins dream home.



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The Classic Advantage

Posted in Welcome on November 17, 2012

If you've been following us on twitter, you'll have seen a few mentions of the Classic Advantage.

So what is the Classic Advantage exactly? Put simply, its the things that make Classic Kitchens & Cabinets your best choice for cabinetry in your new home or renovation.

1. Reputation and Trust

We have an A+ rating from the BBB and are a BBB accredited business. We've also got a more than decade-long run of Consumer Choice Awards in Calgary with another decade-long run in Edmonton.

Trust  Consumer Choice Awards

Not only is Classic recognized by consumers to be a great company to work with, we're also proud to have maintained longstanding relationships with some of Calgary’s finest residential property builders including:

2. Local

Classic Kitchens and Cabinets is proud to support the local economy. All our materials are purchased from Canadian suppliers. All our manufacturing takes place in our 38,000 square foot facility in Calgary, Alberta.

Made in Alberta, Canada

3. Quality and Durability

All our cabinets come with a comprehensive one-year warranty that includes adjustments at 3, 6, and 12 months to account for the settling of your home.

Providing that warranty is easy: the construction of our cabinets meets or exceeds industry standards and we partner with global-leaders for our harware and coatings.

Our cabinets are supplied exclusively with made-in-Italy Ferrari hinges. We also use Ferrari's newest innovation in soft-closing technology: FerrariWAVE. Ferrari's hinges have been durability tested for function for up to 80,000 cycles and provide long life, smooth door function, and quality action.

Ferrari Hinges

We offer Infinity Soft-Closing and Harn Tandem full-extension drawer systems. These help us ensure our drawers come with the highest quality motion, function, and durability.

Drawer Systems

The coatings we use for our cabinets come from three of the world's finest wood coating manufacturers: AkzoNobel, Valspar Wood Coatings, and Superior Finishes. Both our solvent-based finishes and AquaFinish, our exclusive environmentally conscious 100% water-based finish, use a blend of coatings from these manufacturers to achieve a depth of colouration and level of clarity & hardness that is the equal of the finest cabinet finishes available anywhere in the world. Our expert finishing team, with more than 150 years of combined experience at the highest levels of wood finishing, ensures our coatings are applied with an evenness and consistency that provides your home a premium feel and appearance that you can show off with pride.

5. Choice

Classic Kitchens & Cabinets offers over 2,000 combinations of door styles and colors so that you can transform your space into the room of your dreams.

Our offerings span a broad range of styles, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. And we can create designs for rooms way beyond the kitchen.

Our Select line of cabinets is designed to provide the highest level of quality and durability, with colour and material options to match any style and transform any room.

Our Premier line of cabinets provides the flexibility and custom options to go far beyond typical cabinet layouts. The incredible workmanship and attention to detail provided by our expert cabinet makers (with over 100 years of combined experience between them) means our Premier line can provide all manner of custom touches and features to provide that wow factor you're looking for.

Premier Premier Premier

We also offer all manner of custom accessories to help increase the functionality of your space.

Drawer Systems  Double Garbage Bin Recycle Bin  

5. Family and Community

Beyond all these reasons to choose Classic Kitchens & Cabinets for your new home or renovation is the one we're most proud of: the Classic family.

Classic is a family-owned and operated company. Our founders can still be found in our offices every day ensuring their core values of service, honesty, integrity, and fairness are maintained in everything we do.

Everyone here is a part of the extended family. And we're not just saying that! Our senior design experts have been with Classic Kitchens & Cabinets for more than two decades. This extensive experience gives them the knowledge to innovate and constantly find new ways of making your home unique and memorable. Many members of our production team have been working with us for over 20 years, which gives them the expertise and ability to deliver superb results. Classic Kitchens & Cabinets’ senior service and installation experts have been with us for more than two decades, giving them the skill and knowledge to seamlessly integrate your new cabinets into your home.

Not only do we greatly value our family-foundation, our long relationships with both team members and clients, and all of the benefits these bring: We're always looking for opportunities to give back to those in need, whether it is directly within our community or on a more global basis.

The Classic Advantage. All the reasons we're your best choice for your new home or renovation.

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Classic Select: NEXGEN

Posted in Design on September 24, 2012
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On this blog back in June, we discussed our new miter construction polyester-wrapped door line. We're pleased to continue that conversation today with a fantastic new video from Olon Industries discussing this great new product (named NEXGEN) in much greater detail, including its durability and environmentally conscious properties.

We're proud to work with two Canadian partners on this product offering. The mouldings used to make the doors are manufactured by Olon Industries. Olon has corporate roots originating in Brampton Ontario and is currently headquartered in Georgetown Ontario. The door manufacturer that assembles the mouldings into five-piece miter construction doors for us is Multiwood, one of Western Canada's largest and finest door manufacturers. Multiwood's corporate headquarters and production facility are located in south Calgary. 

While the video is targeted primarily at cabinet manufacturers like ourselves, there are some very interesting points made in the video that we felt were important to share on this blog. The video also mentions some characteristics of the NEXGEN product line that should be clarified for those looking to purchase this fantastic new product from Classic Kitchens & Cabinets:

 - NEXGEN doors are available in more than 50 door frame profiles and more than 150 colours. Classic Kitchens & Cabinets offers 7 of these profile/colour combinations (soon to be 9) as standard offerings for single-family home builders, renovators, and private clients purchasing through our sales and design centers. We also have access to the full lineup from Olon Industries, which allows us to provide colour/style combinations to suit the design requirements of any multi-family development.

- The quick turnaround time from Olon Industries (1 week) is to our other partner for the NEXGEN product line (Multiwood). They turn Olon's wrapped mouldings into five-piece miter construction doors for us. In total, we are able to supply a custom-designed kitchen with NEXGEN faces from our single-family selection in as little as 3 weeks. For multi-family projects, once a colour and door style combination is confirmed, we are able to supply cabinets to site within 3 weeks of cabinet markout.

- Classic Kitchens & Cabinets offers a comprehensive one-year warranty on all our cabinetry (including door/drawer faces, hinges/slides, and cabinet case construction) and installations. This includes adjustments during the first year to account for settling of the home.

If you're interested in speccing this product for your home or development, we have samples of the 7 standard NEXGEN profile/colour combinations available for viewing in both our Calgary and Edmonton sales & design centers.

Complete kitchens using NEXGEN cabinet faces can be seen in show homes by Trico Homes in the Calgary communities of Redstone, Nolan Hill, and Mahogany.

Albums of all three of these show home kitchens can be viewed on our facebook page: Trico Homes - Mahogany - Bellwood, Trico Homes - Nolan Hill - Tamarack, and Trico Homes - Redstone - Aspen.

Finally, one fun tidbit about the video: The host is Steve Maxwell, Canada's Handiest Man.

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2012 Calgary Stampede Rotary Dream Home

Posted in Show Homes on July 3, 2012

The 100th Calgary Stampede kicks off this week, which means the public will finally be able to see the 2012 Calgary Stampede Rotary Dream Home by Homes by Avi in person.

This ain't Homes by Avi's first rodeo: this is their 17th Stampede Rotary Dream Home. This ain't our first rodeo either: our cabinets have been in just about every Stampede Rotary Dream Home since 1989.

And when you combine Homes By Avi's mastery of home building with our cabinet expertise, and our shared long experience with the Dream Home, the results are simply stunning:

Dream Home 2012

Dream Home 2012

Dream Home 2012

Dream Home 2012

The Granada doors and matching drawer fronts in this home are made from Cherrywood with a finish created specifically for the Dream Home this year. The colour comes from a custom-formulated artisan hand-wiped stain (we're calling it Silver Fox), with additional depth and richness created by applying several coats of a semi-matte conversion varnish.

We owe a huge thanks to our door supplier (Klaas Custom Woodworking) and coatings partners (Richelieu Paint Direct and Valspar), who provided invaluable support for this year's Dream Home cabinetry.

You can read more about the Stampede Rotary Dream Home on Homes by Avi's Dream Home website, which includes some great videos of the home and how it comes apart:

Dream Home Supplier Logo


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More on Our New Select Doors

Posted in News & Events on June 23, 2012

 We've just posted two new albums on Facebook with pictures from Trico Homes show homes that feature our new five-piece miter construction polyester-wrapped doors.

Trico Homes - Nolan

These fantastic doors offer incredible appearance and fantastic value. The five-piece miter construction gives these doors natural highlights and shadows lending them a more expensive and sophisticated look relative to single piece Thermofoil doors. At the same time, the high-quality polyester wrap ensures these doors are easy to clean and durable, and will look great for many years to come. In addition, an engineered core gives these doors excellent resistance to the effects of changes in humidity and temperature that occur throughout the construction process and first year of new home ownership.

Our lineup includes seven door style/colour combinations:

Alexandria Alexandria  Dakar DakarAustin Austin       Bridgeport BridgeportMadison Madison    Hampton HamptonCape Town Cape Town 

We'd love to help you create an incredible living space with this new product line. Get started in 3 simple steps!

The facebook albums featuring this new product line can be found here: Mahogany - Bellwood & Nolan Hill - Tamarack

You can learn more about Trico Homes offerings in these new areas here: Trico Homes - Mahogany & Trico Homes - Nolan Hill Laned Homes

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Great Gift from JOI Media

Posted in News & Events on June 1, 2012

Our good friends from JOI Media dropped off this incredible sign today.

They're an amazing (and award-winning!) digital agency we've been working with for several years now. The team at JOI Media built this website, created our current generation of brochures, and are working on our new operating software among other projects. 

We liked the sign so much we just had to share it on the blog.

JOIMedia Gift


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