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Classic Kitchens & Cabinets offers a broad range of door materials ranging from natural woods to hard wearing synthetic options.


Red Oak is a hardwood rich in both colour and graining. The natural characteristics of this popular hardwood make it amenable to a broad range of stains and finishes, giving everything from a classical to very contemporary look.



Maple is a subtly grained hardwood that is light brown to creamy tan in colour. Maple’s exceptional hardness and tight grain give it a very distinct look in either light or dark finishes.



Beech is a beautiful hardwood that combines the durability of oak with a more subtle graining pattern and colouration that falls midway between that of oak and maple.



Cherry is an elegant and more exclusive hardwood with a rich colouring and soft graining. It contains many more natural markings than other hardwoods, which contributes to its distinctive appearance. Cherry darkens naturally with age and light exposure, revealing a deep reddish brown tone over time.



Walnut is an exclusive natural material with a rich and deep coloration. Natural finished walnut exhibits a deep brown colour, varying from a medium-dark brown to an almost black appearance. Because of its dark nature, stain colours tend to be very subdued on natural walnut.


Knotty Pine

Knotty Pine is a distinctive softwood characterized by large knots. This soft and porous wood is more delicate than hardwoods such as oak, maple, or cherry, but offers a unique and striking appearance.


Echo Wood

Echo Wood is an engineered real wood product that matches the look of nature’s most desired and rare species without impacting the sustainability of these great forests. As this is an engineered product, Echo Wood provides a very high quality and consistent finish.



Bamboo is a strong and durable exotic wood that is growing in popularity as it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option when compared with other woods.  Natural finishing brings out the intrinsic character of this exotic wood and provides a distinctive appearance that will suit any modern home.



Thermofoil doors are a hard wearing synthetic alternative to natural wood doors. They are available in a vast range of finishes, patterns, and colours, providing everything from a very traditional look to more contemporary options.

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